Unique Gifts: Racecar Driver

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This is primarily a perfect gift for men – but if you know who Danica Patrick is, you’ll know it’s perfectly suitable for women, too. If you know someone who has a need for speed, then you can find a local or nearby racing facility that lets you give the gift of racecar driving.

For instance, you can buy someone a Nascar racing experience where they get to drive a real Nascar racecar that’s been driven by famous racecar drivers. There are a variety of packages.

For example, you could get them a ride along package where they get to ride with an instructor to see how it’s done. There’s the driving experience where they get to drive it themselves. And there are more all-inclusive packages.

A racecar driving experience includes things like meeting with the crew chief, getting clear instructions and training about driving a racecar, radio communication inside the racecar with your pit crew, a timed racing session, and a certificate that reminds you of your achievement.

Racecar Driver

So what could you wrap under the tree to go with this experience? If you have to fly in to the Nascar track, then it might include airline tickets to that. But as far as tangible items, you could start with a sleek racing helmet.

Racers also wear a support element for the helmet in case they wreck. In addition to these items, you could get the fire suit, which are coveralls, gloves, and driving shoes – all in a fire resistant fabric!

You might even personalize these items with your loved one’s first or last name and their favorite number. Order it all in their favorite color schemes, too!

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