Funny Christmas Portrait Ideas

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If you have a wacky sense of humor and you’d like that to be part of the picture, you can easily make it happen. For example, you can dress like the characters from a favorite Christmas movie such as the Grinch or Frosty the Snowman.

You can do a North Pole theme Christmas portrait. You could have one person dressed as Santa, the rest as elves right down to the curved toe jingle shoes. You can pose various family members working in Santa’s ‘workshop’ while Santa checks the naughty or nice list.

For added fun, zoom in on the list and make sure it has family members’ names under the naughty heading. You can even turn this one into a personalized Christmas card. Put a copy of the photo on the outside and on the inside, the zoomed in photo of the list. Add funny words like, “You’re getting coal. I checked the list twice!”

Another funny Christmas portrait idea is to have all the family members dressed in pajamas with PhotoShopped thought bubbles of what each is dreaming of getting for Christmas. The gift thought bubbles can be quite funny if you really exaggerate what the gift could be.

Hot cocoa is a staple of chilly Christmas nights. Have everyone grab a cup with whipped cream on it and accidentally get a face whipped cream moustache on them like the picture to the left!

Funny Christmas Portrai

For a real Christmas portrait full of laughter, create a family patterned after the characters in Whoville.

You can tease up hair like the Whos wore theirs or you can get Who hair when you buy a wig in that shape. You can add to the fun by designating one member to dress the part of the Grinch.

Who’s in the stocking? You can buy or make oversized stockings. Have each family member get into a stocking. For a funnier portrait, get a super sized stocking that many members can fit into. Have them stand in front of the fireplace. For props, place giant suckers and toys among the family members.

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