Unique Gifts: Flying Lessons

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Many people have “flying a plane” as one of their bucket list items. This is a very popular experience gift – and you can make a loved one’s dreams come true this Christmas season!

Most larger communities have municipal airports where you can buy a package of flying lessons for someone. If you’re not quite sure, then you may be able to find flight simulator gift packages, so they don’t really have to go up in the air just yet.

In the real flying packages, your loved one will typically get some hands on training about the basics of aviation. They’ll be riding in the co-pilot’s seat, but one the craft is up in the air, they get to handle the plane more – as much as they’re comfortable with.

Most flying lessons are approximately 30 minutes long, but they can be longer. It starts with a lesson on flying safety, followed by flight tutorials. Then they take off into the deep blue sky!

If you want to avoid the plane gift, you can opt for a helicopter flying lesson instead. Light aircraft is a bit different, so the gift recipient will get instructions about the differences in takeoff, landing and in-flight elements.

Flying Lessons

If the person you’re buying for may someday want to get their pilot’s license, then these training sessions often count toward their flight time. But these aren’t the only flying experience you can choose!

If the person you want to buy for needs even more thrills, then look for a dog fight experience. Not a real dog fight – a flying dog fight in the air! There are true Top Gun flight experiences you can buy where they get to go in a fighter plane and learn about tactical maneuvers.

They get to actually take the controls and do spirals, loops and other pulse-racing maneuvers. These are typically recorded for you from the ground so that you can relive the moment over and over again.

Now when it comes to flying lessons – what can you put under the tree for Christmas? You’ll definitely want to start with some wings. A little pin that looks just like pilot’s wings will be perfect.

Other ideas include a pilot’s logbook. This is where they’ll record the details of their flights. You could get them a set of flight training videos or a book that discusses it.

If you’d like to give them some apparel, you could wrap a shearling pilot’s jacket to put under the tree. Or, give them a pair of aviator sunglasses to wear when they’re up in the sky.

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